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Losing weight can be a discouraging effort without Cambridge. At one time, I had the metabolism of a shrew...I could eat and eat and I didn't have to force myself to exercise. Then I hit my mid-20's and had a sedentary job (Radio Announcer) and rarely had time to exercise or leave my chair. I went from a stocky 175lbs. in High School (5'9") to 256lbs. in 5 years. I felt terrible and looked like I felt.

In 1990, I decided at age 27 that it was time to do something radical and get the weight off. Being "between jobs" (unemployed), I enlisted in the National Guard in Michigan. At 27 years old, I had to prepare myself for Basic Training. Giving up was not an option for me.

From July 31st to October 31st, I went from 256lbs. to 183lbs. using Cambridge Food for Life (under a doctor's care) and began to walk on a daily basis. After three weeks of walking (1 mile per day), I began to "fast walk". By this time, I had lost about twenty pounds. After two more weeks of fast walking, I tried to jog. Running was a requirement for passing Basic Training, so I was motivated to run for at least two miles. By October 31st, I had no difficulty completing a two-mile run. It was strange to be able to run. I was at 183lbs...still "too heavy" by Army standards, but one Lean Machine by my standards. Further physical development, under the loving care of my Drill Sergeants, helped me to reach 171 pounds.

Today, I have taken my experience in the media and my experience with Cambridge Products to a new level. My wife and I own and operate a Nutritional Counselling Center in Greensboro, North Carolina. Using the technology at our disposal, we are shouting the praises of the product and providing purchase on the Internet. We want the world to know that we're here and we're happy.

For seven years, I've relied on Cambridge Food for Life to keep my body looking fit and feeling great. Cambridge is the best way to reach your fitness goals and improve your health.

David Albright
Cambridge Counselor
Greensboro, NC