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Sip Into Something Special...
Cambridge Drinks
Creamy Vanilla
Luscious Chocolate
Scrumptious Strawberry
Rich Tasting Eggnog
Food For Life


Cambridge Soups ...Warm Yourself With
Cambridge Soups
Savory Tomato
Hearty Chicken
Old-Fashioned Potato





Nutri-Works Start Your Day With a Fast Fiber Fix.....
Cambridge Super Oats
Hot Cereal
A Breakfast "Shake"
Super Oats


Nutrition Bar ...Treat Yourself to a Guilt-Free Snack
Cambridge Nutrition Bars
Plantation Peanut




Plus Many Other Excellent Products


  • Cambridge Super Chocolate Mix - Pudding, Shakes, Ice Cream
  • Food For Life Flavorings - Assorted Traditional Flavors
  • Paragon Fast Recovery - Electrolyte & Fluid Replacement Drinks
  • Mega-Life Supplements - Bio-Chrome, FiberCare, Ginkgo Biloba
  • Audiotape Support Series
  • Vitamin Supplements - OPC-85+
  • Natural Hormone Therapy - Melatonin, ProBalance